L. FRANK BAUM People say dreams don’t come true. This man’s dream did. L. Frank Baum was a creative man and loved to write stories. As a young boy he loved the theatre. His father built him a theatre but he burnt it down. As an adult he tried to get his stories published, but none of them did. One night he was lying down in bed, just waiting for an idea to come and then, there it was right in front of him waiting to be claimed. L. Frank Baum took the chance to make the idea into one of his stories to be published and be put on store shelf’s in every book store. He jumped out of bed and started to write the story. A story about a little girl carried away in a cyclone to a far of land of strange people. Along the way she meets a thoughtless scarecrow, a heartless tin wood man, and a lion without courage. They make their way down the yellow brick road to the City of Emeralds to get their wishes granted. L. Frank Baum got his story published and he wrote many more stories of Oz. One day he agreed to have his book, The Wizard of Oz into a movie. It was the first colored movie. The movie stared a beautiful girl, Judy Garland. She stared in the movie at the age fifteen. L. Frank Baum was pleased with the movie and it’s now believed to be the most watched movie in history. This one man’s dream became a ledgend.