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My hero project
When the World Trade Towers collapsed on September 11, 2001, it changed the people in our country forever. As people were rushing down the stairs to escape the flames, firefighters were rushing up those same stairs to help bring people out of the building. Teresa Kong, a worker in the World Trade Center, said, "There were firemen rushing into my building as I was leaving.” Another person who worked in the World Trade Center Towers, Jim Pensomen, said, "The toughest part was watching the firemen go back into that building as it was coming down.” Because New York City was running low on manpower, units from New Jersey, Long Island, and Connecticut were called in. Many people also volunteered to help rescue people, and even off-duty and retired firefighters came back to help. Five firefighters who were missing were found alive and were taken to the hospital for treatment.Approximately 250 firefighters sacrificed their own lives to save others. Their actions will never be forgotten.