Hello All! This email is really not to brag, but rather to share. We never thought our idea would be this "big", but apparently our school is so "cool" that we not only made the front page of our city's newspaper - the London Free Press and the local news on tv this week, but we were also a part of the Alaska Dispatch newspaper!

Check these out! The first link is a video from London's news. The second one is an article from the Alaska Dispatch.

Thanks to Everyone for their responses in the last two weeks! Our class is really excited to share with you in this MY HERO project! We have created a video that we are sending out to you to see! Please access this video here:

[ http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20788881/MOV03B.MOD ]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20788881/MOV03B.MOD

(hopefully this works?!)

Then, as our mailing system does not operate as fast as our communication online, we wanted to send you the rest of our information in this email! We have included 12 pictures of our school and some information below! We welcome your responses or questions!!

Our school, Glen Cairn, was built many decades ago, however, in the early 1990s due to a huge increase in housing in the neighbourhood a large new addition was built onto the old school creating a two story, double gym multi-use school facility. We are very proud of our school and the many features the building offers and that is why we had to send you some pictures to let you see for yourself how great our school is!! As was mentioned in our video, we have over 650 students who attend Glen Cairn and they range in age from 4 - 13 (kindergarten to grade 8).

Our community is the city of London, Ontario, Canada. We are just over two hours west/southwest of Toronto. In the city of London there are over 350 000 residents which makes us the 11th largest city in Ontario! We are also called the Forest City because we have many parks in our city and miles and miles of paths along our Thames River. We also have Fanshawe College and The University of Western Ontario in our city which draws many highschool graduates to our city. The other new addition to our city is the JLC (the John Labatt Centre) which is a large concert and sport venue which brings people to our city. As for landforms that make our city unique - if you look at a map of Ontario, we are surrounded by three of Canada's great lakes - Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Having said that, loansforpeoplewithbadcredithistoryfast.co.uk
it takes us about an hour or so to drive to any of these lakes in the summer to cool off at the beach. Thinking about the industries of the city of London, Post-secondary Education, the Labatt Brewery (beer) and Kelloggs (cereal) are the main industries that come to mind, but outside of the city there are vast stretches of farmland and two automobile factories.

We hope to send you our writings of WHO IS A HERO in the next few days!! Until then, we look forward to hearing from everyone again soon!!London city jobs