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My Grampa Julian is my hero.
He was a General in World War II. He was on the ground fighting. He earned a purple heart. The Purple is awarded when a soldier risks his life to save another. He was playing poker with his buddies, when the General called and said we are trying out our tanks so watch out. While they were playing with his friends he said aren’t the tanks slow? I think we could see it. So he and his friends went to the window, at that second they saw a run away missile coming right at them. Also in italty the Genaral said watch out for the bombs and land bombs. So they were walking a they got a bomb shot right at them.Six of they 12 men died. Then on they way back 5 men were wounded incloding my granpa . Four of the five people wounded died. My grandpa was awarded bravery for leading the men to safty. Since he got shot he can’t walk as well and he needs a stair lift. He has three other medals. My Grampa will always be my hero.